Master of Theology

12The Master of Theology is an advanced two-year degree program for candidates with M.Div., specializing in one particular field of study. SIBBC&S offers M.Th., in four such fields, namely, Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, and Missiology. Advanced Hebrew and Greek exegesis are required along with the specific subjects, and a thesis on an approved topic in the area of specialization.


The Master of Theology program is designed to deepen the student's knowledge in theology, enhance their skills in teaching and preaching, equip them for competent leadership in various church ministries, and prepare them for doctoral study.

  1. Good Christian standing.
  2. Aptitude for advanced learning and potential for significant Christian ministry.
  3. A Master of Divinity degree with a B+ average from South India Baptist Bible College & Seminary or from its sister institutions.
  4. M.Div with a B+ average from any other recognized institution that follows a similar curriculum and takes the same theological position.
  5. A university degree with a second class. Applicant with a university degree must earn SIBBC& S M.Div. degree course credits in order to qualify for admission.

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