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The Baptist Academy believes that each child is special and worthy of love, care and attention. Your children will have a new and joyful experience here, where emphasis is not only on intellectual excellence, but also on physical activities, art, drama, music and exploration. The Baptist Academy strives to help students identify, develop and fulfill their God given talents. It aims to encourage the student’s intellectual excellence, social, spiritual and physical development. 

 The Administrators and Teachers endeavor to create an atmosphere of shared values, respect, concern and love for others, responsibility as an individual in order to create and contribute to a better world. At Baptist Academy your child will have the opportunity to learn from teachers that are dedicated and have a genuine love for children. With a desire for students to have a well rounded education that prepares them for the real world, we encourage them to read and learn new and exciting developments in science, technology and literature. We pay special attention to our graduating class working with them closely so that they achieve their goals and excel in their studies and extracurricular activities. We want to give them the best possible foundation to succeed in all their endeavors. Baptist Academy has had cent per cent results for 5 consecutive years, undeniable proof of the principal and teachers dedication to the lives of their students.

Baptist Academy (formerly SIBMS) was started in 1996 with 21 children. Today the school has 500 students who are enrolled in classes from pre-kg through 12th STD. The school is located on a 4 acre campus with excellent facilities to cater to the needs of our students. Our classrooms are well ventilated and the atmosphere is beautiful, a winding road lined with coconut trees and flowering bushes. We have a large playground and have sports activities for each class. Baptist Academy has been an organizing leader and participant in many inter school competitions, proudly bringing home some trophies. Baptist Academy is known for its superior English program where children are taught phonics from Pre-KG so children will learn to read by the first standard. These are just few of the many exciting things happening at Baptist Academy. We hope you take a moment to come visit us on the campus and get a taste of the wonderful experience your child will have at Baptist Academy. 

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